Like the Facebook Page! Less Email!

Hello everyone!

I am really HORRIBLE with computer websites, especially social media (you can probably tell from the plain layout of the page), but I’ve managed to create a Facebook and Twitter! I know that getting emails every time I post something may get annoying, especially when expecting an email from a professor or potential internship offer (current story of my life), so just like the Facebook. As of now, I have no idea what I’m doing with Twitter, so you may want to ignore that for now, but it is @pawclawoverall if you’re interested. The Facebook page is up and running, and a less annoying way to see when I post something new, or any other information I put only on Facebook. The Like Box should be to the right of your screen at the top…if not, just scroll down for a bit, because sometimes it moves around (I’m really not good at this).

So give it a like and share it on your Timeline if you know anyone who may like my ranting! Thanks everyone!

And I wish luck to any other unfortunate souls stuck in midterms right now.


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